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Monday, August 12, 2013


We have to look back years to find the first women today call "it girls" and at the time they considered icons. 
Not only her looks, but her style, elegance and knowledge of the protocol was admired and imitated by many women.
The first woman who popularized the term was Clara Bow in 1927 starring in the movie "It"; whose image is very reminiscent of the sexy Betty Boop who was born on television a year earlier.

The silent film actress was very popular in her time, a magnet for men including lovers like Gary Cooper or John Wayne.

Also in the early 20s Zelda Sayre had been part of what was considered a "It couple" married to Francis Scott Fitzgerald; author of "The Great Gatsby", a film whose opened the Cannes Film Festival this 2013.

They represented the ideology of the American couple from the 20s. They met at a country club and after distance sweethearts were married in style at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.

Liberated women who smoked, drank, drove and whims and pleasures were allowed without working.

Hope to the 60 to Andy Warhol's muse; Edie Sedgwick would give meaning to the term: a young woman who has the quality of "it"; absolute attraction of both sexes and style.

Belonging to the high society, actress and model appeared numerous times in the Vogue and Life magazines, but her proximity to the world of drugs was never accepted by the fashion industry.

Her appearance in "A Clockwork Orange" was only the beginning, Warhol began to include her in more films down to write a movie for her "Kitchen". Warhol's films had little commercial significance, but since everyone was talking about Edie and her peculiar way of dressing.

In the seventies another woman who has the quality to represent the spirit of the times and attract the attention of men and women was Marisa Berenson; Yves Saint Laurent model and aristocrat of the time.

Elsa Schiaparelli's granddaughter and daughter of Countess Gogo Schiaparelli, was devoted to photography; although in the 60's she became one of the best paid models of the time.

Her intense nightlife in Studio 54 made ​​the appoint Yves Saint Laurent "girl of the 70s."

Her beauty and know how to dress make her a 'must have' in the VIP parades and in the world of fashion in general.

Any resemblance to any current 'it girl' is no accident. 
Nor do we forget the great icons as Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey ... but all of them also triumphed for their careers in the film industry, being the aesthetic concerns of her royalty 'divas of cinema'.

Today we know the power of these 'it girls', dominate the world of fashion, marketing, advertising and social networking ... and even though many already have great family fortunes; their accounts grow and grow ... look to blow Olivia Palermo, Poppy Delevigne or Miroslava Duma.

María Vi.


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