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Friday, August 23, 2013


Set in the 50s, when the Spanish 'Haute Couture' begins to live their golden years.

Paula will star in the new series 'Galleries Velvet'; which has become inseparable from her new friend 'hair'.

We hope to enjoy the top designs from artists such as Balenciaga and Pedro Rodríguez, who brought quality and creativity. 

With their works won international recognition and prestige for our country.

Cristóbal Balenciaga

Pedro Rodriguez was said to be the designer who "loved women," one of the most prolific of his days and the founder and first president of the Spanish Cooperative Couture.

Pedro Rodríguez

Finally, a series devoted to the history of fashion, with the great teachers dresses of our country ... and those yet to come.

María Vi.

Source: @pau_eche,

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  1. Eleonora Lorenzo en facebook dice:

    Cristóbal Balenciaga es el mejor diseñador que ha tenido España, sin duda