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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Are days of music festivals...and this is the chronic of "Low Cost Festival" for another year. 
Benidorm with Lori Meyers, Delorean, Belle and Sebastian, Love of Lesbian ... very hot, many people and many outfits.

Quality artists and low prices interested to 15,000 people more than last year, a total of over 75,000.



Love of Lesbian

Lisa & the Lips

Indie style to electronic music, foreign and national musical groups, 3 days to dance-dance at cost ... more budget for what to wear.

Some girls were ready with some season tickets for the "VIP POOL" ...

With almost all tickets sold and the musical groups giving everything at concerts made the ​​'Low Cost' a success.

In brief the festival organizers announced the 2014 edition ... 
The musical festival ends, you go with your favorite tunes in your head, pictures of your friends and rhythm in the body that does the good vibes you many days ...

María Vi.

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