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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Rihanna is in the news again, last 7th August Bridgetown Carnival was held in her native Barbados.

As always became the best claim carnival and was the queen of Crop Over Festival.

Has accustomed us to look tiny costumes, this time with bikini with crystals, feathered headband ... dramatic contrast to its brown color.

We reminded the Victoria's Secret Angels looking figure¡¡¡ 
Also released new look with her new haircut, a very 90s look...and all of it narrated by herself from her Instagram account.

Enjoyed the most and the public also, not stopped dancing and hugging her grandfather ...

At night changed the look and wore her comfortable black "Converse" ...

And the party got out of her bodyguards...

In September she will continue the 'Diamonds World Tour' ... for now continue the holiday.

María Vi.

Source:,, @badgalriri.


  1. "There's nothing more for me to do, I trow
    As man of honour, I confess it now.
    The Beauty comes, and had I tongues of fire,
    So many songs did Beauty e'er inspire,
    Who sees her, of his wits is dispossessed,
    And who possessed her was too highly blessed..."

  2. "All we seek has therefore found us ;
    I am thine and thou art mine !
    So we stand as love hath bound us ;
    Other fortune we resign..."

  3. "This is the place wherein you may assuage
    Your sorrows past, here is that joy and bliss
    That flourished in the antique golden age,
    Here needs no law, here none doth aught amiss:
    Put off those arms and fear not Mars his rage,
    Your sword, your shield, your helmet needless is;
    Then consecrate them here to endless rest,
    You shall love's champions be, and soldiers blest..."