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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Children return to school¡¡¡

We give all the keys so that you have the necessary outfits for them.

What will young trendsetters wears this season?

Winter folk:

This trend is set with floral and cashmere prints, embroidered or vintage lace blouses, pompoms ... 
Fur vests, corduroys pants ... all in browns, burgundy, moss green or beige.

Aya Naya AW 13-14

La casita de Wendy aw 13-14

Children Deluxe:

The combination of casual clothes with glitter and sequins are perfect for the weekend. 
Oversize sweatshirts with metal details, bright fabrics, sequined legging...all in 
gold, silver or gray.

Chic Monnalisa AW 13-14

Jakioo Monnalisa AW 13-14

Petit by Sophie Schooner AW 13-14


As continuity; this trend lasts until the winter season; dress and skirts with cut A, houndstooth prints, turtle neck jerseys, camisoles with leggings ... 
Black & white or red stripes.

Umi AW 13-14

Ki6 AW 13-14


And never better, go back to school with the classic table skirts; in gray, plaid or bright with blazers or shirts. 
Grey, green, blue ... 
A very consistent look to the typical school uniform.
Appaman AW 13-14

Appaman AW 13-14

From the world AW 13-14


It's the most important trend of the season.
We look back to the 90's and we find the jeans, biker jackets, prints jeans and denim jackets. 
The rebellious look of winter. 
The colors; mainly red and black.

Diesel AW 13-14

Diesel AW 13-14

Pepe Jeans AW 13-14

Tumble and dry lookbook kleine AW 13-14

And the boys? 
Comfort, looks more casual and 90's.


As the girls; the biker jackets, leather, denim and check tartan shirts. Looks very joking.

Mango AW 13-14


This trend focuses on looks very comfortable, weekend in the mountains. 
With padded vest, jackets and corduroys pants with sport boots.

Bellerose Lookbook AW 13-14

And tomorrow all these trends here in the website abretucloset ... are you going to lose?

María Vi.

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