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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Keira Knightley plays the film reminiscent of Coco Chanel's life 100 years ago; when she opened her first millinery shop.

Once Upon a Time

The director of 'La Maison'; Karl Lagerfeld, wanted to honor that time creating 'Once Upon a Time' a fashion film for about 20 minutes; b/w film ... a symbol of the brand.

A parade of models and actresses including Tallulah Harlech, Stella Tennant and Clotilde Hesme.

Little could imagine Gabrielle Chanel; when in 1913 had its first store in Deauville, the Normandy coast.

The beginning was hard; enterprising woman on a time where benefactors were not enough, but her great personality, her pride and exquisite taste by transforming the way they dress too; in comfortable, straight lines and simple clothes, but with much distinction.

Her dreams of being a dressmaker were overcome by a reality that has led her to be global icon and leader in the luxury fashion industry.

'"Fashion passes, style remains" as she said.
Here I leave the whole video if you want to enjoy it.


María Vi.

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  1. Es curioso conocer los orígenes relativamente humildes de una gran marca de lujo!