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Sunday, October 27, 2013


The week has started; you also belong to the 'working class' and  are you 'petite'?

Then Miroslava Duma is like you.
Fashion editor, stylist and 'it girl'; with 28 years, every day goes to work and also arises what to wear. 
With its 1,55 tall and 38 waist; Miroslava is a 'petite' girl.

Which clothes choose to go to work? look inside her closet ...

The 'minivestidos' make her taller, with straight shapes gains elegance and simplicity.

She doesn't renounce to bright color, especially with flat shoes...become noted¡¡¡

Miroslava is a big fan of the 'cropped top', which lengthening to infinity her legs. Tights with the same color shoes; close the look and enhances this effect.

To go to work chooses a classic, the 'maxi-long' suit trousers which slims and lengthens her silhouette; and with high waist is the winning choice.

Petite and long skirts? of course, always with high heels and high waist ... couldn't be better.

Dress, tights, shoes in the same color ... 'monochrome game' never fails.

6 ideas for go to work in the Miroslava's of the 'it' that dominate the art of 'workwear' and inspires our looks.


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