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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Another adding to the summer holidays ... Paula Echevarria tells us through her Instagram. 

Of course she goes with David Bustamante; but where, is a mystery that Paula has not revealed ...

And with this she wishes us "good morning from somewhere in the world" ... makes our curiosity increases.

Then; using common sense and looking more photos we conclude that they were going on a cruise ...

Paula was the obvious posing in the pool area; but David with his sunglasses betrayed them ...

Also, we had that they were not going alone, accompanied by a very good friend "Poty" and his wife Isabel Navarro.

And how we have known where they are on vacation? because we have to thank David.

David put this picture on his Instagram and put "Tunisia".
Mystery solved, enjoy it¡¡¡

María Vi.


  1. mariona en twitter dice:

    @Abretucloset tunez crucero por el mediterraneo

  2. Que pasada de viaje, me encanta Marruecos!!!