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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The Roman and romantic adventure "Roman Holiday" celebrate its 60th birthday this year. 

A classic film from 1953 starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, that catapulted the career of Audrey after getting; therewith, the Oscar for best actress.

Twist of fate; because it was thought at first to Liz Taylor for the role, but director William Wyler was fascinated by the natural beauty and simplicity of Audrey.

Not only he was fascinated for the actress, from the beginning Gregory Peck claimed that she has to earn just like him ... 

And from here the myth began to grow, one of the most important film divas which proved that elegance can not be bought.

Her simplicity and closeness love at half the planet, her sweet look and generosity put the finishing touch, a movie star who have never gone out of fashion, and all subsequent generations have continued relentlessly admiring and imitating.

How to resist a walk through Rome on a Vespa, dressed in the 50's.

Or surrender to this "pin up" chef...

With her we can remember the 60's style with these capri pants which she wore on multiple occasions.

Or with her 'mysterious spy' outfits on the film "How to catch a thief" ...

"Two for the Road" showed us 70's looks, shot in 1967. 
Audrey was already a mature woman and an experienced actress; able roles which starred here.

Without losing that natural sweetness and joy that all who knew her remember.

Fan of black, capri pants, turtleneck, bell dresses, the ballerinas, the cropped top, leggings ... a dictionary style that has been an important legacy for fashion.

A fashion icon; with looks reinvented endlessly inspiring trends and collections of fashion brands more relevant. 
The "Audrey Style" is already immortal.

María Vi.


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