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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


You love summer festivals...and you know? You love show your outfit while standing in line to get in...
Well here's a post for you, and also for those who have not yet decided to go festival ...

The days of Woodstock are gone(Bethel, New York 1969)...with its three day claim "Peace & Music"...and unwittingly became a myth of rock festivals and the hippie movement.

Woodstock, 1969

Fan de Jimmy Hendrix en Woodstock, 1969

Woodstock, 1969

But despite the time, the seventies trend and "boho chic" remains today as one of the most repeated by the summer festivals addicts....

Janis Joplin

Who has not seen these days to exhaustion round spectacles identified both Janis Joplin in the 70's ...

Jimmy Hendrix en Woodstock, 1969

Or fringed jackets, tops and shorts Jimmy Hendrix wore at the festival that year ...
Coachella is our oracle to look at the coolest and most fun outfits and reloaded as they come ...don't forget that sometimes less is more.

Cowboy boots, leather hot pants or romantic, backpack, fringes, 'reflective' sunglasses, 'fedoras' is the 'boho chic" 
basic garments for the ' festival girl'.

Top models at Coachella, 2013

Coachella, 2013

And don't miss the pool party on the terrace of a hotel, on the beach ... like the Lacoste party celebrated past April in California.

 Lacoste party at Coachella, 2013

Alexa Chung at Coachella, 2013

Here in Spain we also have our own versions of summer festival ... global success; why not say ...

Blur fans at Primavera Sound, 2013

Kraftwerk at Sónar, 2013

And also looks nothing envy, rather defy international festivals ...

Primavera Sound, 2013

Primavera Sound, 2013

So then decide what will be your festival ... we suggest you some 'looks' if you have it still not clear ...

This summer 'dive' into music festivals¡¡¡ Dance dance dance ...

María Vi.


  1. Eleonora Trani en facebook dice:

    boho chic.... ;)

  2. Good time to enjoy yourself and show-off! Dance Dance with the looks!