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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Stay calm! Women and children first!
Delay until the 90's ... if the 80's were tough aesthetically and returned, 90's, would not be less!

And here they are, the New York Fall 2013 catwalks has shown clear signs of it, though, to our joy, deeply re-versioned.

90's represent the end of a textile era when fashion was a minority. It blurs the line between dress and fashion clothing to wear, which until then had differentiated to the middle class of the aristocracy.

The retail brans,  appear at low cost in large cities virally opening the door to a society that looked like clothing use and enjoyment rather than allowing it to embark on such a succulent and addictive as the market of aesthetic reinterpretation of oneself.

'Nouveau riche' avid of social ostentation,how well knew Versace, detected and captured in their collections.

Outbreak of psychosis comes LOGOMANIA and no shirt, underpants or belt that holds not XXL.

A time that moves to the beat of the heels of the new social phenomenon: the top models. Result of the middle class need to have some iconic references own, now considered an active part in society, fashion is democratized.

Turbulent years for designers who are threatening the reasons for their success so far: exclusivity. In parades photographers veto to prevent the progressive increase of the copies that reach the street through large chains that replicate the proposed designers immediately.

Moments of disenchantment calls generations X and artistic phenomena dubbed Grunge aesthetic that made a statement of intent.

Pendulan aesthetic minimalism with the baroque excesses of designers such as Lacroix and Versace, defended in front by Miuccia Prada and Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein, rebutting tops curvy, used as the image for their underwear line to a listless teenager named Kate Moss, still adding more items to the aesthetic duality in the nineties, comes the androgyny and extreme thinness.

And that was all that ...

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