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Sunday, November 17, 2013


We can not change your wardrobe and become the Kate Moss full of vintage clothes ...

Kate Moss vintage closet

No way to assemble one as the Khloe Kardashian shoe rack...

 Khloe Kardashian shoe rack

Or pretend to be a rich daughter of Manhattan, as Olivia Palermo, with an average of 365 'outfits' per year ...

Olivia Palermo closet

And what you think about the spectacular Mariah Carey closet? Impossible mission...

 Mariah Carey closet

But if you also belong to the 'working class'; working women, dynamic, with social life ... the most important is to have a good basic wardrobe.

A successful wardrobe lets you dress up for work, have a drink, dinner with friends, take care of your family, go out with friends...

Carrie Bradshaw "Sex in the city"

And no matter what is the trend of the season, we don't have a personal shopper or time to know the latest trends...but we love fashion. 
And every morning the same doubt assails us ...

Do not despair, we'll see what the basic items that must be in your wardrobe.

First, black blazer, because they never go out of style, and for spring time "chanel" style, which is a classical shape and you can combine it with jeans that don't look so formal.

A white shirt or t-shirt; or both, depending on your style and season ... combined with everything, a real 'must have'.

The black 'mini-dress'immortal to the fashions, seasons and trends, quite versatile garment.

And of course eternal jeans, that since 1872, when Mr. Levi Strauss started making them, have not returned to go out from our closets. 

No matter how, straight, skinny, flared ... what matters is that it suit perfectly.

And as a key item of our 'outfit', the famous black 'stiletto'...
For summer must be the sandals and the ankle boot for winter.

Follow our blog and coming 'posts' and will tell you the many possible combinations for these.
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